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Low Tech forces in DSII/SGII

Date: Sun, 12 Oct 1997 16:01:55, -0500
Subject: Low Tech forces in DSII/SGII

     Dear List Members:

     I have interesting subject that I would like to bring up here on 
Status: RO

the list.  Since DSII/SGII deal much
with hi-tech forces, I would like to focus the attention to low-tech 
forces a bit.  Science Fiction is full
of stories of were hi-tech forces attempt to conquer a planet that 
has low-tech forces or an interstellar
society that once had a very high tech base and regressed to low-tech.
  With some high-tech  items
still around bit, but used sparingly.

    The example that I am going to use is the Fading Suns RPG, it has 
a very good selection of low-tech items to high tech and a 
interesting setting to fit DSII/SGII for miniatures battles.  The 
allow for high-tech and some low-tech forces, but how about doing 
forces with mediviel tech.  For
example in DSII you can create units for close-assault to simulate 
that they are armed with swords, spears etc. by using the high-tech 
examples to show what type of hand weapons and armor they are 
equipped with. They could be militia, regular soldiers, or knights.   
If they are using missiles such as crossbows, bows, or single-shot 
muskets.  Just figure out the range accordingly and designate their 
troop quality.

     And how about items like catapult, ballista, etc. these are the 
items that should give you people on the list some food for thought.  
 Should close-assaults be handled differentely when dealing with low-
tech forces with melee weapons.

      I am done with my little speech and would be nice to talk about 
simple weapons for a change.


      David Peters

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