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Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 09:01:17 +0100
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At 17:56 09/10/97 +0000, you wrote:
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>Actually to hark back to a previous discussion, isn't the FT Universe 
>rather stereotypical in that case?  
>The NAC is a group of Capitalist, "free?", nations.
Since they are the New Anglian (whatever) I always tended to look on
as a proto British empire. At least, the NAC ships in the flavour text
sound more Royal Navy than US Navy, and don't the captains mentioned
'hereditary' titles?

>We don't seem to have objected too much to these stereotypes involved 
>in the game universe.	What would be the point really?
I think in general games work better with clearly defined 'sides'. That
almost by definition means stereotypes.

>> PS The only real sterotype I hold about list members is that they're
>> TOO TOUCHY!	Switch to unleaded, people.
>I can only agree.
Um, OK. How much is it a pint?

'And I love what we are but I hate what I am
 And I wanna be like you but I hate when you're like them'
		   Maria McKee 'What Else you Wanna Know'
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