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Re: Map Sizes

From: Gravity is falling in a good way today <KOCHTE@s...>
Date: Thu, 09 Oct 1997 23:10:32 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Map Sizes

Status: RO

>Lately I have been thinking of some ideas for constructing scenarios.
>Before I go much further I wanted to decide on a play area.  How big is
>actual play area going to be.	Well my first response was, "whatever

Ya know, this is pretty funny. On my way home this evening I was
practically the same thing.

You readin' mah mind agin, bowah?

>standard size is."  The I took a closer look and found there was no
>"standard" or default size.  I thought, "wow this must be an oversite."
>not I need to rectify this or I will not be able to sleep - and I do
>to sleep (the wife epsecially likes it if I snuggle).

I think the accepted size is 4'x6', or 4'x8'.

>Now please keep in mind I do not know the metric system very well,
>the rest of the world we in America still use an archaic system of
>measurement.  Why?  I think we are just plain stubborn is all.

Sadly, that sums it up pretty much. Was just talking with a friend of
mine earlier today who wants to get a rope for climbing. She knows feet
well enough, but she keeps finding rope measured in meters, and it
bamboozled if she should get a 50m or 60m rope. <sigh>	She admitted to
in this conversation that she will only switch to metric when they drag
kicking and screaming, and only *after* they pull all her teeth.  <sigh>

>The standard map size I have come up with is a playing field 3'x 5'. 
>that sound about right?  On the living room floor I have taped the
>and then broken it down  further into 1'x 1' boxes.  What this does is
>allow for an easy point of refernce for saving a game.

I use a 4'x6' area if I can swing it, larger if I can do that. Otherwise
use whatever room my dinky and slightly cluttered (shut UP, Aaron!)
can handle (hallway, patio, living room area, laundry room next door,

>Using this system we number the boxes and desginate one of the short
>at 12.
>Using this system you can keep track the exact location of your ships. 
>example: using the designation 5B-06x7.5@07 would put the ship on grid
>location 5B and using the second set of numbers as a grid location
>place the center of the ship at 6" down and 7.5" tot he right.  The
>heading then would be 7.  Sounds hard but actually easy.

I can see that working out fine.

>Any other suggestions on the dafault size of a map?  What size do they
>at tournaments or conventions?

For tournies I have typically taken scenarios I've already run PBeM and
work an equivalent set-up from that. But that's me, and it's worked out
fine so far.  :-)

But for, say, publishing scenarios onto the list here (where my original
thought above was heading), without using a grid system...I dunno. I
I'd use a grid system and let those who want to play the scenario work
out from there. Since my typical grid is ~100x70, that covers a good

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