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Re: Vector Rules / Inertial dampers

From: "Christopher Weuve" <caw@w...>
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 1997 09:43:12 -0500
Subject: Re: Vector Rules / Inertial dampers

Christopher Pratt spotted the following in my message:

> Smith and Trowbridge's geeplane drive works the same way, and
functions as a
> de fecto crash cushion as well.  Panarchic boarding lances use shaped 
> nuclear charges to weakend the target ship's shields, then they
overload the 
> geeplane and smash through.  Even with the geeplane, they pull ten
gees when
> they hit.
> Pretty neat trick.  'Tis a shame that space combat in the series can't

> really be gamed (because of a combination of tactical FTL and
> sensors and weapons), as this series has somee of the best space
> ideas I have ever seen. 

And then asked:
> what would the name of this series be...

The series is named _Exordium_, and the five books in the series are:
1. The Phoenix in Flight
2. Rule of Naught
3. A Prison Unsought
4. The Rifter's Covenant
5. The Thrones of Kronos

>From my _Exordium_ web page [] :

> The best place to learn about the plot of the series is through the
> cover blurbs, which are recreated at the <
> davetrow/ exordium.htm">_Exordium_ webpage maintained by Dave 
> Trowbridge.  Suffice it to say here that years ago Gelasar 
> hai-Arkad, 46th Panarch of the Thousand Suns, defeated the Avatar of
> in war.  A generation later, the Avatar exacts his revenge through the

> use of million-year-old technology and an alliance with the pirates of

> the Rifter Brotherhood.  With his father imprisoned and his two older 
> brothers dead, Brandon vlith-Arkad is on the run with an agenda of his

> own.	But the Avatar learns the same lesson Alexander the Great
> millenia ago -- to conquer is one thing, to rule another... 

This is NOT your standard Margaret Weiss, "galactic fuedalism"-type
with the noble ruling family fighting the the evil forces of democracy,
everyone running around with titles straight out of the middle ages. The

social institution are well-thought through, their is a *lot* of
intrigue, an average on one spiffy space battle per book, a lot of cool 
military concepts (such as the aforementioned boarding lances), and a
background that involves such things as the Ban against self-aware
(created after humanity almost lost the war against the Adamantine
intelligences), 7-km-long battlecruisers aremed with 1-km-long
tubes, and planet-level tesla shields which transfer the energy of
attacks directly to the planetary crust.

Book 1 is very easy to find used, book 2 is impossible to find, book 3
and 4 
can be found with a little difficulty, and book 5 is still in the
stores.  If 
you think you are interested, I would buy book % *now* and worry about
others later.  And, if you find extra copies of book 2 some place,
please let 
me know -- I have multiple copies of the other books, so as to have
copies to 
give away, but I short a couple book 2s.  My .sig has the information
for whom 
you can email to ask them to reprint the series.

I do have a minor word of warning:  It takes about a hundred pages or so
"get into" the story.  I don't know of a single person who, having made
it to 
that point, wasn't totally hooked.

Sometime in the next couple of weeks I am starting an Exordium mailing
list as 

--Chris Weuve		[My opinion, not my employers.] (wk/day) (h)
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