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Re: Internet Message

From: agoodall@s... (Allan Goodall)
Date: Thu, 09 Oct 1997 03:24:31 GMT
Subject: Re: Internet Message

On Wed,  8 Oct 1997 20:46:43, -0500, (MR DAVID E
PETERS) wrote:

Status: RO

>      Here is something funny for the list.

Um, uh, this doesn't have anything to do with games period, let alone
FT, DS2 or SG2. It's not even an off topic science message spawned
from a game thread. 

Normally I'm pretty tolerant of off topic stuff (some of you would say
too tolerant) but 410 lines of attribution for 65 lines of bad Seuss
parody? And an OJ joke at that? You Americans really ought to get over
this OJ thing. (And don't get me started about the Brits and Di!)

Allan Goodall  -

"The secret rules of engagement are hard to endorse,
 when the appearance of conflict meets the appearance of force"
		       - The Tragically Hip

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