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Re: Vector Rules

From: Chan Faunce <channing@g...>
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 1997 22:25:39 -0400
Subject: Re: Vector Rules

Aaron P Teske wrote:
Status: RO

> Actually, something I wouldn't mind seeing is the ability to purchase
> seperate main engine and maneuver ratings, ie you can have a ship with
> *huge*... maneuvering jets and roughly the same-size engines.  Your
> ability to "push" should be maxxed out to your engine power, though.
> (Of course, there was always that one ship, in Frontier: Elite II,
> had larger retros than mains....)
Our group has talked about purchasing additional rotation at the same
cost of the Main Thrust, but only for rotating - not accel. BTW we use a
house rule of actually using up 2 Thrust for each point of rotation (a
ship with a Thrust of 4 may make a 4 pt. accel; a 1 pt turn and 2 pt
accel; or a 2 pt turn - not a 2 pt turn and 2 pt accel as the FT
rulebook indicates). You can only purchase additional rotation to give a
max of your ships Thrust Rating.

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