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Re: Vector Rules / Inertial dampers

From: Christopher Pratt <valen10@f...>
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 1997 15:47:52 -0400
Subject: Re: Vector Rules / Inertial dampers

Christopher Weuve wrote:
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> On Oct 8, 1997 at 4:04:11 AM, Aaron P Teske <Mithramuse+@CMU.EDU>
> > I think it depends on how your inertial dampers work.  In the
> > series of books, for example, and Niven's Known Space gravity planar
> > (which I think was an inertial damper), they affected the whole
> > allowing for some radical maneuvers or, at least, radical
> > Gateway ships accelerated *past* the speed of light (neat trick),
> > example, by damping out *everything*.
> Smith and Trowbridge's geeplane drive works the same way, and
functions as a
> de fecto crash cushion as well.  Panarchic boarding lances use shaped
> charges to weakend the target ship's shields, then they overload the
> and smash through.  Even with the geeplane, they pull ten gees when
they hit.
> Pretty neat trick.  'Tis a shame that space combat in the series can't
> be gamed (because of a combination of tactical FTL and lightspeed
sensors and
> weapons), as this series has somee of the best space combat ideas I
have ever
> seen.
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what would the name of this series be...

chris "new BABYLON 5 in 3 days"

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