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SFCONSIM-L is up and running!!

From: "Christopher Weuve" <caw@w...>
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 1997 14:26:13 -0400
Subject: SFCONSIM-L is up and running!!

Status: RO

Apologies in advance for the multi-list post, but I think many people
will be interested, and since I am on all of these lists, I don't think
it is 
particularly out of line.

Finally, after many trials and tribulations (involving multiple family 
emergencies and temporary exile to Waco, Texas), SFCONSIM-L is finally

1) So, what is SFCONSIM-L, you ask?

>From the Charter:
> SFCONSIM-L provides an unmoderated environment for discussion of
> fiction conflict simulation games, including board and miniatures
games from 
> such publishers as GDW, SPI, and Metagaming, and games published in  
> magazines such as Ares and The Space Gamer. The explicit purpose of 
> SFCONSIM-L is to provide a platform for the discussion of published
> but discussion can range over the general topics of conflict
> mechanics and design, military history, speculative fiction, physics
> the sciences, tactics and strategy, historical conflict simulations, 
> role-playing game backgrounds, unpublished or Internet-published
> game collecting, convention and club announcements, or any other topic

> potentially related to conflict simulation games in a science
> setting.

2) How does one subscribe to SFCONSIM-L?

There are two ways.  The more traditional is to send email to
 and place in the body of the text the line
   SUBSCRIBE SFCONSIM-L <your email address>

Alternatively, you can also subscribe through the following URL:   

Remember that CR or LFs in a URL are verboten, so if you mailer doesn't
the entire URL, you will need to cut and paste it.

3) How can I see the full Charter and FAQ?

The latest version of the Charter and FAQ (as well as a link to the URL
are available at

Questions/comments/concerns?  Let me know.

-- Chris Weuve	 [My opinions, not my employer's.]
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