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Re: Motorcycles in DSII and SGII

From: Aaron P Teske <Mithramuse+@C...>
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 1997 15:58:34 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Motorcycles in DSII and SGII

Excerpts from FT: 3-Oct-97 Motorcycles in DSII and SGII by 
Status: RO

> I was wondering how to classify motorcycles in Dirtside II and
> Are they just size 1 vehicles?  Are they low or high mobility wheeled
> vehicles?

When I designed some bikes, I think I made 'em size 0.6 vehicles, mostly
because I didn't want to give them much space.	Lessee here, what did I
come up with....

Size class 0.6	(VSP 3)
Armour rating 0  (VSP 3, BVP = 3)
CFE  (BVP x .2 = 0.6 => 1, total cost = 4)
High mobility wheeled  (BVP x .3 = .9 => 1, tc = 5)
RFAC/1 costs 5 points (tc = 10), and a front 180 mount takes 3 of 3
A basic firecon costs 2 pts (tc = 12)

So, there it is.  Note that I don't really think the bike would have a
turret mounted gun, but I'm using a turret mount to simulate the
maneuverability of the bike.  Alternately, use a size 0.4 vehicle and a
fixed mount.  Either way, I don't think the bike should keep the 360
degree APSW.

> Also, in Dirtside II, does anybody mount the motorcycles in pairs or
> they used singly?  I would like to know so that I can convert my epic
> to dirtside use.

Good choice of army, there. ^_^  Personally, I'm just keeping them
mounted double, though if I paint any more I'll do what I did with my
Trikes: cut them off the rectangular "base" (so you can get at the
underside), and simply pin them (without glue) to the square Epic base. 
That way you can "dismount" them if needed, and (IMO) they look cooler.

Trikes, BTW, I'd like to make a size 1.2 vehicle (to fit a class 2
weapon).  Bleah... the bikes were originally fixed mount, but Andy
Skinner pointed out the firing restrictions placed on same... ie, fire
before you move.  Perhaps that would be a nice optional upgrade for
fixed mounts, to allow you to ignore that restriction?	Or maybe just
allow light vehicles to do so, to reflect on their maneuverability....

		    Aaron Teske 

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