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RE: Newbie Ship Question

From: "Haun, Gilles, SSG" <haung@E...>
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 1997 13:09:40 -0400
Subject: RE: Newbie Ship Question

Status: RO

It's probably in the advanced rules section of FT or more likely, in
More Thrust.

>From:	Joachim Heck - SunSoft[SMTP:jheck@East.Sun.COM]
>Sent:	Thursday, October 02, 1997 9:50 AM
>Subject:	Re: Newbie Ship Question
> writes:
>@:) It sems that I read in Full Thrust somewhere that you could
>@:) perform a slip by apply a movement order something like 1P1S.  Now
>@:) I do not remember where I saw it, but I do remember reading it.
>@:) It could have been in another game book entirely.
>  I think it must have been.  I've pored over the two manuals pretty
>closely and never heard of anything like that.
>@:) Now it does state under MAKING COURSE CHANGES:, 1st paragraph,
>@:) Full Thrust pg.6, "A ship making a course adjustment is _assumed_
>@:) to be applying a sideways Thrust vector movement in that Game
>@:) Turn."  Now it does not say that one cannot aplly thrust vectors
>@:) to both sides, just that it is assumed that is all to one side.
>  True, however, that same paragraph implies that the two-part turn is
>actually just a discrete approximation of the continuous turn that a
>real ship would make.	One could take the view that ships don't have
>enough thrust to change their direction twice in one turn, and that a
>sideslip would actually entail changing direction twice, while a
>normal turn would only require changing direction once.
>  I still like sideslips, though, and they are a house rule in all of
>my group's games.

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