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Re: Newbie Ship Question

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Date: Thu, 02 Oct 1997 00:41:40 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Newbie Ship Question

Status: RO

>>Strictly speaking, no. Your entire turn must be to port or to
>>starboard. You turn half of your ordered points of turning (rounded
>>down) before the ship moves, and half the turn points (rounded up)
>>half way through the ship's move. However, I don't see why you
>>couldn't use this as a house rule.
>It sems that I read in Full Thrust somewhere that you could perform a
>by apply a movement order something like 1P1S.  Now I do not remember
>I saw it, but I do remember reading it.  It could have been in another
>book entirely.  Now it does state under MAKING COURSE CHANGES:, 1st
>paragraph, Full Thrust pg.6, "A ship making a course adjustment is
>_assumed_ to be applying a sideways Thrust vector movement in that Game
>Turn."  Now it does not say that one cannot aplly thrust vectors to
>sides, just that it is assumed that is all to one side.

In the strict FT rules you either turn one way or the other. However, I
always liked the idea of being able to 'sideslip', and allow it as a
rule in all games I have run (RL & PBeM). It hasn't ever unbalanced the
game any that I have seen.

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