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Re: FT Novels

From: k.g.mclean@c... (Kevin Mc Lean.)
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 18:48:58 -0400
Subject: Re: FT Novels

Donald Hosford wrote:

>I think that instead of full novels or compilations of storys (at least
>not at first...:)  )	How about including a short story or two in each


>At least this way you can "bring the game universe to life" without
>haveing piles of novels stacked everywhere.  Later if FT shows enough
>growth, try a novel or two (compilation or otherwise).

I think that's a great idea, and probably the best way of handling it. I
can only speak on the Australian experience and say that Full Thrust has
burgeoned in the last few years, but it has yet to attain the following
that other (less worthy, in my opinion) games have. I think this will
probably come in the next few years, and an excellent way of testing the
water is for a short story or two to be published in some of the new

Putting on another hat and speaking as a creative writer I feel certain
that the universe lends itself to quite a few interesting stories. In
I ran a RPG version of 'Dirtside' (I modified an existing RPG system) on
little mudball that was being fought over by the Dutch and NAC. It
lasted a
year, and everyone had a great time. Which brings me to an interesting
point. Perhaps the step necessary to increase the market for the Full
Thrust universe is to include a role playing system which interlocks
Stargrunt and Full Thrust. It's probably worthwhile looking at
developing a
simple, elegant system with generic potential that fits into the FT
universe... The simplicity would appeal to the wargamers, the background
the FRP-ers. Then short stories outside a supplement may become well and
truly viable.



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