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PBeM: Nimrod Station

From: tmcarth@f... (Tom McCarthy)
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 19:48:20 -0400
Subject: PBeM: Nimrod Station

I'm preparing a PBeM FT game to begin in 2-3 weeks.
It is not set in the familiar FT universe, nor does it use standard
It will be played using real thrust-like rules, and variant fire con
to represent a small fighter engagement (small 1 man fighter is about
MASS 20).
There will be limited knowledge and not all players begin on the board. 

Secret victory conditions also apply.
Other scenarios will follow set in the same universe with the same

There is room in this scenario for 8 players, split 4, 3, and 1.
Any number may lurk, but only on one side of the battle, and this will 
constrain you as a player in future battles in this universe.

As is my wont, the referees of the last games I played in are each 
guaranteed a spot in this game if they want it.  If they chooses not to 
exercise this priviledge, the offer stands for my next game.

I expect this game to fill up quickly, just because every game fills up

Tom + Dana McCarthy

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