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RE: Superships and Fighter capacity.

From: kx.henderson@q... (Kelvin)
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 1997 22:28:21 -0400
Subject: RE: Superships and Fighter capacity.

>>	  If you need a limitation on fighter groups in superships, you
>>try "one extra group allowed per 16 Mass over 100"
>The problem for superships w/ fighters is that currently a maximum of 2
>fighter groups can be launched at a time, even if the ship in question
>has a dozen or more groups on board.
>You could say 1 launcher per 100 Mass (2 for carriers) but perhaps a
>seperate cost for launchers would be more appropriate.

The simplest definition of a carrier was one posted here several weeks
and is the one I think is best: Launch Controls.  We now use it at our
Gaming Club.

For each Launch Control on the ship, it can launch two fighter groups
turn and can recover one.  If a ship doesn't have a Launch control it
launch up to one group per turn, and recover one every second turn. 
Cons are purchased EXACTLY as per Fire Cons, and a ship can swap Fire
it is supplied with for Launch Cons for free.

This way you can trade off offensive capability for Fighter Capability.
Using this house rule I have a Fleet Carrier that has 3 Launch Cons, NO
Cons, six fighter groups, two ADAF's, two PDAF's and two screens for 100
Mass.  It sits up the back of the fleet guarded by other, more offensive
ships and is a fighter platform.  Its ADAF's can also provide cover for
guarding ships.

Makes for realistic fleet manouvers.


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