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Re: FT & DSII - Tournament ideas

From: Brian Bell <PDGA6560@c...>
Date: Sat, 5 Jul 1997 09:07:24 -0400
Subject: Re: FT & DSII - Tournament ideas

Since no one else responded,

>	Full-Thrust.
>1800 pt fleets, maximum 50% points/ships from one class.
>Players can bring 1 custom design, standard hull only.  All others as
>per FT/MT.
>No Nova Cannon/Wave Guns, Reflex Fields.  Most optional rules
>The format for this will probably be a strait Slugfest with probably
>everybody fighting at least once in an asteroid belt.

This sounds good depending on how many players you have and the amount
table space available. I ran a 2000 point per side "pick-up" game at a 
con' on a 4'x8' play area. It worked fine. 

If you are running a tournament, you may want to pair off opponets: 
Player A attacks player B. The winner of the match gets a "Flag" and 
attacks the winner of another match. Tornament Winner is the player who 
defeats a number of fleets = to (# of fleets/2 round up) or Fleet with 
the most number of "Flags" at the end of the time limit.  You loose a 
flag for damaging a ship from the wrong group by mistake (if you choose 
to use mines, Nova Cannons, or Wave Guns). When I have done this, I 
designated a "starting edge" on each end of the board. When a player 
"disposes" on an opponet, his ships must leave the "starting edge" and 
set up within 6" of the "starting edge". He must wait there until
opponet in in the opposite "starting edge". Ships in the "starting 
circle" may repair the last row of damage to any ship. Any ship that 
leaves the table is "lost". Non-FTL craft are allowed, but must be 
brought by a Tug or Tender. If the Tug or Tender are lost, they may only

set up on the "starting edge" a number of ships that the remainig 
Tug/Tenders can bring.
>3000 pt Battlegroup, no Aerospace Fighters?  Designs randomly checked.
>Standard Scenarios used with 1 Cityscape/Attack scenario.

I haven't played enough to comment.

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