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Re: Those Spiky Things

From: "Chris McCurry" <CMCCURR@v...>
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 1997 11:21:21 -0400
Subject: Re: Those Spiky Things

> >The second question is down to names. Has anyone started
> >naming a Sa'vasku fleet yet? I'm highly tempted to go for
> Names??? Hmmm...hadn't thought of this yet!

>What?! How can you even think about fielding ships without
>naming them! Heresy! :)

> >translations. For this I'm leaning towards using Culture-style
> >names (as in Iain M Banks). Things like "Peace is Not An Option"
> >or "Forever Seeking Solitude".
> >
> >Anyone got any thoughts on the matter?
> "What Do You Want?"

>I wonder where that one came from? :)

> "Object In Mirror Is Deadlier than You Think" (written backwards for
>		   the benefit of retreating starships' rear-view

>I do like this one! Right, I'm sold :)

or maybe a more traditional approach:

Sa' Va

Tre' Vus

Val' Kasu

Sa' Monar

Sa' Baisen

Montre' A...

just a few backward ideas from my crazed mind.


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