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RE: SG2: Cavalry in SG2

From: The Caldwells <clcaldwell@p...>
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 08:32:54 -0400
Subject: RE: SG2: Cavalry in SG2

News flash . . . a large section of the United Kingdom suddenly
disappeared today.  Physicists are blaming one Jon Tuffley, who, in a
radical experiment, attempted to expand the rules of his well-known and
beloved Stargrunt 2 miniatures rulebook.  The attempt apparently led to
such a great compression of the typeface of the book that a small black
hole suddenly materialized in his living room.	

P.S. - Jon, you did fine cutting that material out.  I would never have
noticed the discrepancy between the two systems if I hadn't purchased
that one figure.  And it's not much of a discrepancy.

Nick Caldwell

From:	Ground Zero Games[]
Sent:	Saturday, April 19, 1997 3:04 PM
Subject:	Re: SG2: Cavalry in SG2

>What cavalry in SG2, you ask?	(C'mon, play along).  Turns out that
cavalry is
>missing from SG2 - I say missing because, if I recall correctly,
Dirtside 2
>has cav units.  

There WERE going to be cavalry rules in SGII, but they were one of the
things dropped in the end due to lack of space (what, you wanted the
typeface even SMALLER...?). If this thread develops some good ideas,
probably put them together with my own original draft stuff and make
the cavalry are in BDS when it gets done. 

Jon (GZG)

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