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Re: Personalities in SGII

From: Brian Lojeck <lojeck@r...>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 1997 13:31:35 -0400
Subject: Re: Personalities in SGII

> the equivalent of a light pistol (close range only).	But the problem
is with
> his armor roll -- in ESB Han Solo shoots at him, and Vader just
catches the
> blaster bolts in his hand...the only thing that seems to be able to
hurt him is
> a lightsaber (Vader bothers to parry Obi-wan's blows, and Luke hacks
him up
> a bit).  So letting him on the field is to descend immediately into
> where an invulnerable hero is able to slaughter millions of hapless
> at no risk to himself.

remember, he did actually go through the effort to "parry" the blaster
bolts. if he were invulnerable, he would have stood "superman" style and
let the shots bounce off his chest.

I'd suggest giving him some form of armor (I'm not sure how stargrunt
works) where a single figure would stand no chance, but a squad could do
some serious damage or kill him (he IS the second most powerful Jedi in
existance, after all...)

Brian Lojeck
Entertainment Technology Center

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