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Surfin' Bugs, Dude! (Stargrunt II)

From: "Bobby Mock" <ninjacowboy@w...>
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 11:01:35 -0400
Subject: Surfin' Bugs, Dude! (Stargrunt II)

The clouds were rolling in on Cyrenus IV, when I first noticed the
sights in the sky.  At first I thought, they were small planes, then
bio weapons started spurting death all around me.  THEY WERE AIR SURFIN'
BUGS, DUDE!  Apparently, they were each riding on grav plates: some were
round, but the majority of the grav plates were elongated, much like
surf boards. 

The air surfin' bugs were small, under 6 feet (1"), and armed with two
handed bio weapons (3,D8).  There were about 7-15 in each group.  These
were probably scout groups, because they did not appear to be wearing
armour. Their skin looked as if it would provide a D4 armour roll.  I
seen these bugs before; maybe in a dream, or in a local hobby store with
GW stamped on their packaging.	The surf boards were affected by terrain
per ground-skimming grav vehicles.  They moved 12" (D12 x 2 combat).

Later that day, I saw the same kind of bugs, on the ground.  They were
moving 8" (D8 x 2 combat).  I never saw the ground bugs with surf
so I concluded that there were two types of these bugs: air surfin' and
ground boogying. Unit quality appeared to be D6, both in ranged combat
close combat. Their sensors were unaided eyes at D4.  I never saw any
or special weapons with either bugs, so I concluded that these scout
did not carry any.

I named these bugs ASB's and GBB's (air surfin' bugs and ground boogying

Later installments will detail other bugs, that were encountered in the
Beating Battle for Cyrenus IV.

Yee Haa!  Ninja Cowboy

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