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Re: space ship models, K'r'a'v'a'k'

From: "Paul Giguere" <pgiguere@u...>
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997 07:56:25 -0400
Subject: Re: space ship models, K'r'a'v'a'k'


What part of Massachusetts are you moving to? There is a loyal group of
players around the Lowell, MA/Southern NH area and we are always looking
for new players. We have run demonstration games at various cons around
England and are planning some really incredible games for ConMan in
Manchester, NH in June.

Paul Giguere

> From: Andy Skinner <>
> To: 'gzg' <>
> Subject: space ship models, K'r'a'v'a'k'
> Date: Thursday, April 10, 1997 10:03 AM
> I know that apostrophe goes in there somewhere.
> Most of my gaming stuff is packed away in preparation for
> our move to Massachusetts, but I keep playing with some
> things when I ought to be packing 'em.  For a few more
> games, I'll be using unpainted plastic Renegade Legion tanks
> for space ships, with the colors showing which side is which.
> But they look pretty similar, so I figure I'll make 'em all
> part of one fleet sometime, when they're painted.  I'll need
> to supplement them for something like mid-cruiser size on up,
> and I'll need to provide an opposing fleet.  (I usually play games
> with my wife or with people who don't own miniatures, so I
> like to have a couple of different fleets or armies for games.)
> The best looking official FT ships are, in my opinion, the Kra'vak.
> Do any of you buy those ships and use 'em as regular ship miniatures,
> not using the special rules?	That's my intention.  I bought some
> destroyers and a heavy cruiser last night, and I see that my RL
> tanks are going to be smaller than I thought--I was hoping they'd
> get me through the cruiser range.  I'll have to look at the rules
> to see what sort of mass these guys are supposed to be, even if
> I don't use their Kra'vak rules.  But the rules are packed away,
> so I guess I'll do that in a few weeks.
> andy

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