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Re: Paint Schemes for Full Thrust

From: A stalwart bastion of bachelorism <KOCHTE@s...>
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 1997 13:09:49 -0400
Subject: Re: Paint Schemes for Full Thrust

>Greetingss all,

Greetings, one,

>	I have been lurking on the list for a bit now.	I orgionally 
>subscribed to see if there were any SGII players on the list but I 

I've got it, but have yet to play.  :-/   No one around my immediate
area interested (everyone is WH40K for some reason :-/ )

>quite well I couldn't resist getting actual ship models.  I picked up 
>some Traveller (The Spew Era) ships boats of various designs.	5 minis 
>for 5 bucks,  gotta love that.  Now I am in the process of cleaning em
>and getting them ready to be painted.	Which leads me to my first 
>question for the list:
>	What are your painting phlosophies for your ships?

It varies. I've got a flat black fleet (which comprises of a couple
of what-I-just-learned-are-space-fleet-minis, a few Traveller 'needle'
ships, an odd Klingon frigate, etc), a metallic maroon fleet (thanks
to Daryl ;)  which is made up of my ESU fleet and Entomolian ships),
a metallic/jade green for my Kra'Vak, and a flat 'gunship' grey fleet
(which consists of just about everyone else).

My recently acquired Sa'Vasku have adopted a metallic black for some
reason.  ;-)

Haven't gotten around to painting my micromachines, though. And for
the most part left the plastic Star Trek/Fred ships alone

>	Do you do the matte grey "Star Wars" thing, or do you go for the

>Narn "Zebra on drugs" paint scheme or a variation on both?  Do you even

>bother painting the minis you play with (eather too eager to play or 
>*gasp* don't like to paint)  

Paint when I can.

>Are elaborate CNS fleet markings complete 
>with ship numbers your thing or do you just slap a coat of paint on and


[jingle,dong,jangle] "Yes"

(I tried some fine detailing and found my skills...lacking)

>Do you think ships would even be painted or that it would make a 
>difference what the color of a cruser is when you are firing on it from

>half a light minute away?  

It shouldn't make a difference. I use it mostly for fleet identification
and because they look nice painted.  :-)

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