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Re: Jerks in Full Thrust

From: Mike Miserendino <phddms1@c...>
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 1997 12:44:54 -0500
Subject: Re: Jerks in Full Thrust

Mark A. Siefert wrote:
>	As I mentioned in my last post, I had one complaint about my
>game.	There were two players in my game who were problems.  One was a
>40ish gamer who just sat there and did nothing to support his teamates.

>The other was his hyperactive 8 or 9 step-son who didn't know any of
>rules (his father thought that was MY responsibility, not his), and ran
>around the gaming hall bugging me and the other players.  (It was this 
>same kid who destroyed 3 of the other players miniatures when he would 
>pick them up and handle them WITHOUT anyone's permission.)
>	Does anyone else have any similar experiences?	If so, how do I 
>handle them without commiting a capital crime?


This happens a lot!  Yes, I have had many a player that escaped bodily
by a narrow margin.  Number one rule is to have patience.  Many times I
had excited kids handle and break my own minis even when a parent was
nearby.  I ask at the begining of the game if anyone has not played a
miniatures wargame before.  If players like this exist, I show them how
would like the minis handled.  I also point out to all to have fun, but
respect other players, care for the minis, and leave all items on the
that were there at the start of the game.  I accept that accidents can
happen, but deliberate abuse of game equipment will not be tolerated.

At year's GenCon I had one individual who thought he knew everything
FT and on every occasion when a player asked me for help, I was rudely
interrupted(sometimes accompanied by a pseudo-temper tantrum) by said
who tried talking over my voice on every explanation I made.  I finally
him aside and politely stated the following:  "I am the assigned judge
game.  Do you understand that?" - Offensive player, "Uh, Yes." - "If you
continue to behave in a disruptive manner, I will have you removed from
convention floor.  Do you understand that?" - Offensive player, "Uh,
He behaved quite well after that.

Always remember to keep a cool head and have patience. :)

Mike Miserendino

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