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Re: [OFFICIAL] Missile Ideas

From: dgundberg@S...
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 1997 11:21:47 -0500
Subject: Re: [OFFICIAL] Missile Ideas

Jon (the FT deity) wrote:

> who would miss the "old" FT missiles if we replaced them with
> like these?
 I would.
 I like the idea of weapons that take multiple turns to take effect.  It

 adds an element of suspense to the game.  Each side watches, turn by
 as the missiles close.  Will they all hit their target ship?  Will the 
 ship get away?  Single turn weapons are fired and gone, no suspense.
 How they move can be modified but needs to be quick and simple. I had
 thought of having a pool of thrust points for each missle so it can
have a 
 fast quick life or a slow long one.
 A while ago I contributed to a discussion on the list on Plasma
 which were basically a combination of torpedoes and the Wave Gun. 
 example of a multi-turn weapon that adds suspense.
 Missile boats would not seem right if they let loose their weapons and
 result was determined right away.
 Dean Gundberg

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