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Re:PBeM game

From: mllaneza@s... (Michael Carter Llaneza)
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1996 12:21:00 -0500
Subject: Re:PBeM game

At 8:20 AM 11/26/96, wrote:> I'm proposing to
run a PBeM game in the near future.
> The game would be using B5Wars or a modified FT rules set that
>reflects B5.
> The scenario would go out around mid December, and play would start
>first week
> of January.
> I'll look at the first 6 positive replies and take them as votes as
>to which
> system to play.  As a courtesy, I will be giving priority to
> who've run PBeM games I've played in (sorry, fair warning clause).
> on the system chosen, there will be room for 10 to 12 players.
> Tom McCarthy

I'll play either system. As for experience, I've been in 3 of Mark
Kochte's games, so I know my way around FT. I have not playtested
B5Wars, but am more than willing to take a crack at it. For preference,
I'll vote AYE to Full Thrust, since I already own a copy.

Michael Carter Llaneza
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