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More and different Sa'vasku ideas

From: John Crimmins <johncrim@v...>
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 19:40:08 -0500
Subject: More and different Sa'vasku ideas

	I very much like the IDEA of the Sa'vasku in FT, but I am not
fond of the way they are presented; for an old, powerful race they seem
have technology that is remarkably similar to that of Humans, both in
and application.  I had a few ideas for making them a little bit
more...distinct, I suppose you could say.  In addition, this also makes
substantially more powerful, more in line with, say, the Kra'vak.  And I
assure you all, none of this is motivated by the fact that I have some
50 GW
Tyrannid ships painted up.  Really.  It's not.

	First of all, some new weapons, to be used in addition to the
Pulse" rules from MT.  I see the Sa'vasku ships as having an innate
to generate and manipulate electromagnetic and gravitic fields, and it
this that allows them both their movement and most of their weaponry. 
are the costs in power points.

	EMP Burst:  Attacks any target within 9 inches as though it had
been hit
with an EMP missile (Pg. 3, MT).  i.e.. roll one six sided die, with the
following effects:
	1-2  No effect
	3-4  Roll for Every system on ship, as if for threshold roll,
knocked out on 5 or 6
	5-6  As above, but systems knocked out on scores of 4, 5, or 6

	Cost: 15 points per attack.
	Devourer: The Sa'vasku ship creates and fires an organic
missile, which is
moved, maneuvered, and attacks like a standard missile (again, MT, pg.
although it has only 3 turns within which to hit its target.   When a
Devourer hits, it does 1d6 damage to the target ship, and releases a
of nanites over the target, which promptly begin disassembling it down
its component molecules.  Each turn after the Devourer hits, roll 1d6
subtract the number of turns since the missile first hit.  The target
suffers this much damage.  If the damage is equal to or less than zero
any turn, there is no further effect.

	Cost: 15 per Devourer
(Probably best kept track of by putting a d6 on the ship diagram and
that to indicate the number of turns since impact.)
	Infestor: Another organic missile, this weapon does one point of
upon impact, and, more importantly, contains a number of living
which, upon impact with the target, flood into the interior of the ship.
The creatures are treated as a six man boarding party, and will attack
crew of the target ship.  If the defenders are overwhelmed, the ship is
treated as a derelict, and may be retrieved later if a campaign game is
being played (the attackers, little more than living weapons, will die
half an hour after leaving their pod).

	Cost: 15 per Infestor
	Singularity cannon:  The Sa'vasku ship generates an artificial
black hole,
which forms 12 inches directly in front of the ship.  The singularity is
represented by a template 1" in diameter; any ship touched by this point
destroyed.  Ships within 3" of the point will be moved 2 inches toward
and ships within 5" of the point will be moved 1 inch toward it.  For
sake of simplicity, neither speed nor heading is effected.  The
will last for 1d6 turns, and will move 12 inches straight forward each

	Cost:25 points per shot

Defenses:  Sa'vasku do not have shields.  Instead, ships may absorb
from attacking ship's beam weapons, in the following manner:
	On an attackers' roll of One, the Sa'vasku gains 2 power points
	On a roll of Two, the Sa'vasku gains 1 power point.
	On a roll of three, there is no effect, and rolls of 4, 5, or 6
are treated
	The points gained in this matter are stored, along with any
unused power
that the ship may already have.  A ship may not store more power than it
power factors; attacks that would increase the stored points beyond this

	In addition, Sa'vasku ships may heal damage, by spending power
points equal
to the ship's power factor to heal one point of damage.  

	That's it for the moment, although I want to do something to
reflect the
fact that a damaged ship may actually be in pain from its injuries, kind
like the Shadow ships from B5.	I'm not entirely sure how to work that
but I have a few ideas.  These have not yet been playtested, and I would
appreciate any thoughts that people may have on this stuff.

John Crimmins

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