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Re: Cosmic Balance + FT

From: Thomas@s... (Thomas Payne)
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 15:07:50 -0500
Subject: Re: Cosmic Balance + FT

In message <19961119014419.AAA1903@LOCALNAME> JAMES BUTLER writes:


>	  It occurs to me that these weapons would not be difficult at
all to
> incorporate into Full Thrust. The disruptor could be some variant on
> Delafield's close range beam battery design, except it would probably
> to do even more damage to compensate for its firing only once every
> (This weapon would also resemble the fusion beams of Star Fleet
> which have to cool a turn after firing).

I'm probably too new to the game to start designing, but I'll give
something a 
shot. This isn't a disruptor beam, but I'll give it a shot at the

Cluster Bomb Rack   Mass ??  Points 10

  The cluster bomb rack is a large, unweildy box on the rear of the
 ship. In it is contained a group of bombs, miniature plasma reactors,
 to short-burn engines. The bombs are given a simple guidance system
 to those of mines), and release as a ship passes another. 
  The rack contains 3 cluster bombs. They may be fired at any point in
 ship's movement, and are placed in the same position as mines. You may
 one per turn per rack. Then place a card chit on one of the opposing
 this is designated the target ship. Every movement phase, before any
 move, the bomb floats 6" towards the target ship. It cannont (doesn't
 to) use thrust, it simply moves 6". If the bomb comes into contact with
 ship model, it detonates like a Plasma Torpedo; that is, 1d6 points of
 to the hull, regardless of screens.
  The bombs may be attacked by PDAF/ADAF. If you wish to use them in
this way, 
 you may not attack any fighters that turn. Roll a D6; on a 5-6 the bomb



>	  What do you think, sirs?

Good idea. I'd like to see some more weapons in FT. Mind you, I don't
have MT 

>	  James

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