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Re: Re[2]: Dirtside II Mortar Teams

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Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 15:06:04 -0500
Subject: Re: Re[2]: Dirtside II Mortar Teams

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> Dear all,
>  Just a small request, please could you include a sig (at least your
>  in posts to this list. The way that the list and my mail system works
>  that I can't see who wrote the message, unless its in the body of the

>  mesage. (Yeah, its my cr*pp* mail system again).
>  Who wrote the message below please?
>  I would be nice to know, cause this (along with Iceburgs rules) are
>  candidates for inclusion in a DS2 supplement - and you want credit,
>  you?
>  Mike  Elliott, GZG
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>  Subject: Re: Dirtside II Mortar Teams
>  Author: at INTERNET
>  Date:    13/11/96 08:18
>  I've been playing infantry mortars exactly as light artillery with
>  following exception.
>  1)  Must be on table:  I assume that the rounds have been made
smaller and

>  the tubes lighter by removing propellent rather than warhead.
>  2)  The team may only carry enough ammo for one effective fire
> They 
>  may resupply normally and my stockpile additional ammo from carriers
at a 
>  location, allowing them to fire more missions, but if they have to
>  may only take one with them.
>  3)  No move and fire on same activation:  Reflects time required to

>  weapon system.
>  4)  Team requires double capacity in vehicles
>  A note on the last item.  I'm going to try allowing a team with any
>  class one man-pack weapon to be used.  All will utilize the no move
>  and double capacity above.  GMS/L teams will fall under this
category.  A 
> new 
>  GMS/P team will be able to operate exactly as a normal infantry of
>   The GMS/P will have a range of 24", draw two chits, and cost
15/20/25 for
>  the three guidance levels.
>  Comments?
Hi Mike,

That was my version of Infantry Light Mortars.	What do you think?

Brian Cantwell

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