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Re: A Newbie...

From: Oerjan Ohlson <f92-ooh@n...>
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 05:17:35 -0500
Subject: Re: A Newbie...

On Sat, 16 Nov 1996, Thomas Payne wrote:

> Hi people.

> I have one question for the list (and I hope it's like the 40k list in

terms of > friendliness). It may seem rather minor, but hey....

Dunno about the 40k list, but this list is _much_ friendlier than 
r.g.m.warhammer <g>

> And lastly, does anyone know of any good web pages where I can look at
a few of 
> the models? I only have the basic rulebook. I'm very interested in a
set of 
> models I saw for a game called "Silent Death". 

I don't remember the address right now, but do a web search for "Iron
Crown Enterprises". They do have a web page, but no pictures of any
models. I'm not sure about RAFM (...they make the metal versions of the
models, and probably the plastics too; there are currently 36 different
human fighter designs, 6 'alien' fighters (the old Hatchling fighter
models are still available) and 6 larger ships (representing small
escorts, but even a small escort is much larger than a fighter!)). 

The metal models are US$5 per blister (plus packing etc :( ), with a 
blister containing one big, two medium or up to four small ships. More 
expensive than the plastic ones, but you won't get any Blizzards or 
Kosmoses when you buy plastics. (Biased? Who? Me? Nah... ;)

Silent Death is about starfighter combat, with each model representing a

ship massing 60 - 1000 tons, with a few larger gunboats and escorts. The

figher models mostly look like... one- or two-person craft, but a little

converting turns them into quite nice escorts and cruisers. (Cut the 
wings off the Teal Hawk and smooth out the crew cabin with some milliput

- voila! An EW-equipped escort with a large sensor dome...) The Warhound

models and Hatchlings are (IMO) fine as they are.

Someone mentioned Geo-Hex and the 'official' models. Don't let 'em fool 
you; although those ships are produced by/for GZG, they are no more 
'official' than any other models you like! (...especially not if you 
design your own gaming universe, or play in some other background than 
the one given in FT...) So far, Jon Tuffley has been very clear on that 
point. I hope he doesn't slide into a position of 'FT is played with 
these specific models, Amen'... like certain other companies have done


Oerjan Ohlson

"Father, what is wrong?"
"My shoes are too tight. But it does not matter, because
 I have forgotten how to dance."
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