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Re: Another dumbass Q

From: Adam Delafield <A.Delafield@b...>
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 04:38:50 -0500
Subject: Re: Another dumbass Q

Date sent:  18-NOV-1996 10:24:55 

>> I have found that the new rules in more thrust actually sped up 
>> gameplay by adding nastier weapons like Wave guns, Nuke missiles, and

>> the much feared Kra'Vak railgun batteries! BUY It!! Heavy Fighters, 
>> Fast Fighters, and Torpedo Fighters alone are worth the buy. Plus, If

>> you purchase Dirtside II it helps integrate the two systems to allow 
>> for Planetary assaults!! (Wahoo!!)

>Sounds good, BUT...

>Does it make it like Epic, 40k or some other tabletop games in that the
>with the "railgun" or "supah dupah nuclear-kill-eze deathstrike missle"
>waste almost any other ship in one round?


Opinion is divided. I'm not the only one that thinks that the Kra'Vak
(Armor, Railguns, Scatter Packs) are compleatly unbalancing. Still they
form the basis of "Indy's" B5 heavy beam weapons.

Missiles can be bad if used excessively, but can be intercepted.

Wave Gun is just a calmed down Nova Cannon.

Those are MT's only bad points. It does work well on fighters, expanding
greatly (If you intend to play games with lots of fighters MT is
and the damage control rules are useful. The optional expansion of 'C'
helps restore their usefulness. Also useful are Superships, Scanning
and a few new weapons (Like the AA mega-battery, which unlike railguns,

I would not say that MT is essential, but even if you don't use any of
new rules, it gives you a good idea of how the rules work and is a good

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