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Re: Another dumbass Q

From: Thomas@s... (Thomas Payne)
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 1996 14:59:37 -0500
Subject: Re: Another dumbass Q

In message <> "Mike Wikan" writes:
> I have found that the new rules in more thrust actually sped up 
> gameplay by adding nastier weapons like Wave guns, Nuke missiles, and 
> the much feared Kra'Vak railgun batteries! BUY It!! Heavy Fighters, 
> Fast Fighters, and Torpedo Fighters alone are worth the buy. Plus, If 
> you purchase Dirtside II it helps integrate the two systems to allow 
> for Planetary assaults!! (Wahoo!!)

Sounds good, BUT...

Does it make it like Epic, 40k or some other tabletop games in that the
with the "railgun" or "supah dupah nuclear-kill-eze deathstrike missle"
waste almost any other ship in one round?

Could someone (in private email mebbe) give me a rough (v rough; I'm not
for the rulebook ;-)) idea of how some of these systems work. Especially
railguns. They sound cool.

Would my Epic stuff work with the DirtSide II rules? I hear it sometimes
If it helps, I have an Eldar and Chaos Epic force.

> Mike Wikan
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 Tom Payne

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