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Re: Added Topic ?

From: db-ft@w... (David Brewer)
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 12:10:47 -0500
Subject: Re: Added Topic ?

In message <> Allan Goodall
> At 09:33 AM 11/14/96 EST, you wrote:
> >It may be premature to ask, but will this list (in whatever future
> >it takes) consider the space battle rules from The Babylon Project a
> >topic for discussion ?
> If it's a GZG newsgroup or this mailing list in another incarnation, I
> handle a discussion of Babylon 5 Wars as it compares to FT. However, I
> think we should add the game to the official list of games discussed.
> is an FT mailing list, not an SF miniatures mailing list. B5 Wars, as
> place for the game's discussion, doesn't belong here any more than
> discussions of Silent Death, Mayday, or SFB.

I think the point was: not Babylon 5 Wars (such a snappy name) but
The Babylon Project. To refresh all, TBP is IIRC a role-playing game
with a starship combat add-on being designed by Mr J. March-Tuffley,
he of GZG.

Doubtless it will be *very* similar to FT.

We've had everyones B5 adaptions to FT coming right out of the list's 
metaphorical ears... TBP will be J.M-T's adaptions. The guy who wrote
FT has been sitting down and making careful notes of what's what in 
B5, presumably with help from Babylonian Productions (or whatever 
they are called) to spiff FT up with. It would be, frankly, not a 
little bizarre not to discuss these rules here.

It seems quite possible that TBP will pull a goodly number of new
gamers into FT... do we tell them to shut up about the related game 
that brought them here? Really?

OTOH B5-Wars will almost certainly aquire it's own listserver toot 
sweet, so that game can naff right off and flush it's metaphorical

David Brewer

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