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Photon Torpedoes Away!

From: Adam Delafield <A.Delafield@b...>
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 07:48:11 -0500
Subject: Photon Torpedoes Away!

Date sent:  12-NOV-1996 13:40:13 

I use James Clay's torpedo rules. I treat each torp as using 1
capacity. I'm also looking at mini-torpedoes (For Runabouts
and other Escort sized ships) that have reduced range and
damage (Say 3 dice at 12") but can fit in less capacity (Try
3 Torps for 2 Capacity).

I havn't finalized everything yet, and probably won't be implementing
the Disruptors in the final set up of the game. (I'm currently
favoring Standard Beams for Disruptors and LR-beams for Phasors.
The difference between my original Disruptors and the LR beams was
just too great. Once in short range, the Disruptor armed ships were
just too powerful). It also helps calm down the Feds overwhelming
firepower advantage. As the Fed ships invariably have multi Arc
weapons, they tend to pack far more firepower than anyone else
(except if your sat in the front arc of a Romulan Warbird). This
change will give them a longer range, but roughly equal firepower.

I'm also deciding on wither to include armour or not. It might be fun,
especially on the Klingon ships. That's directional armour (I'll be
using 1 point on each face for each capacity used) not Kra'Vak.

A few other ideas I'm including;

Cloaking: This is a general Engine modification. You need Warp Drive
	  and the Cloaking Device to be operational to Cloak. The
	  device itself takes no capacity up. You place a black
	  tube over the model that is cloaked, and can write orders as
	  normal, but you don't move the model. You have all systems
	  available when you decloak, but when you try and recloak,
	  you don't recloak till the end of the turn, and have all
	  systems powered down (including shields) until you do so.
	  In practice, Romulans tend to make a sneak attack from behind,
	  cloaking just before they overtake you. Klingons tend to close
	  to point blank before decloaking, then fire away till one of
	  dies. And it doesn't seem to matter which one of our gaming
	  group plays which fleet.

Damage Control: I use the 'tournament' damage control (ie you get to
	  test once for escorts, twice for cruisers etc.). The exception
	  are Klingons who don't get to test, but who get 1 extra
	  for each test they would normally take. (The Defiant will also
	  gain two extra capacity for lack of damage control, as it is
	  a Cruiser in my rules)

Criticals: Anyone got James's Threshold cards? Are they worth getting?
	  are they a fair replacement of threshold checks? Would Damage
	  Control still be useful?

Jokes:	  Q:How many Klingons does it take to change a lightbulb?
	  A:None. Klingons aren't afraid of the dark.

I'll be creating the sheets in Word (Using Paint, the '95 version of
PainBrush, to create the diagrams from my own shipbits.bmp clip art).

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