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Re: "real" weapons tech thread (was: cou

From: Alan Brain <aebrain@d...>
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 1996 00:30:19 -0500
Subject: Re: "real" weapons tech thread (was: cou

Adam Delafield wrote:
> Date sent:  5-NOV-1996 17:09:27
> >There is an infermous British government documnet dating from the
> >which says much the as you have written here. On top of this piece of
> >paper a British Air Marshall wrote something like "Rubbish".

The infamous Sandys report, that put the Kibosh on "any future
development of manned aircraft". Basically it predicted that ICBMs
carrying Nuclear warheads would be the ultimate weapon. Extremely wrong
in thinking that all future wars would be fought using ICBMs and

> Ah yes. The one they trained to spot tanks hidden in trees? They had
> working nearly 100% untill field trials. It turned out all the
> they had fed it of Tanks were on a sunny day, and all pictures of
> without tanks were on cloudy days (or vica versa, I can never
> Anyway, it was very good at telling the weather. 8-)

True. The machine in question was built IN 1962!!! Perceptrons have come
a long way since then, though not as much as they could have if the
investment hadn't been switched to Von Neumann type architectures.

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