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Stargrunt Question????

From: "Joseph A. Noll" <u1a00458@m...>
Date: Sun, 3 Nov 1996 21:53:26 -0500
Subject: Stargrunt Question????

Hi there,  name's Joe.
My friend and I have played a few Stargrunt games and really like it. 
beats every other game in it's genere for realism and ease of play.  We
have a couple of questions though.

1.  It struck us that squads don't really take much of a penalty for
soldiers in their squad getting killed.  I know they have to take a
check when you lose over 50% of the remaining unit in one firefight, but
what about the demorilizing effect of loseing figures in consecutive
turns.	From what we've read the game does not address this.  Now there
a modifier for unattended wounded figures (depending on the Mission
Modifier), but not for killed soldiers.  Are we missing it or is it a
typo, or is this buried in another game mechanic?

2.  I've bought some of the GZG 25mm stargrunt figures, and they are
excellent, but I have a problem.  You see we have found that the game
a better feel and look if we play it in 15mm.  We've been playing with
some old martian Metals powered armor guys and some Quality Castings
WWII germans and british.  We like the GZG castings better but we need
them in 15mm not 25mm.	I have heard that GZG does have Stargrunt
in 15mm but I can't find them could someone give me the address so I
order some.  If these are unavalible to me could someone please give me
good alternative source of 15mm sci-fi minatures.

BTW  we play on Terrain Maker from GHQ, it is awsome!!!! 


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