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Re: New Full Thrust Sheet.

From: FieldScott@a...
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 1996 18:24:43 -0400
Subject: Re: New Full Thrust Sheet.

Binhan wrote:

> One major caution with using methyl alcohol (methanol) is that it is 
> very soluble through skin and high enough doses can cause blindness.	
> Curiously enough the treatment for methanol poisoning is large doses
> ethanol (active competition for the same enzyme) so I guess if you're 
> consuming a couple of pints while you play it should be alright.

Then Jim Williamson wrote:

> You might also look into Dry Erase Markers. You'll just have to be
>  to accidentally rub anything off.

The only dry erase markers I've ever found are VERY WIDE for classroom
and so on. But even if you can't find fine-point dry erase markers, you
use the dry erase markers to erase alcohol (permanent) pens -- just mark
what you want to erase, then wipe the dry-erase off with a paper towel
the permanent mark goes with it.

Just another idea -- worth what you paid for it.  :-)

Scott Field

"Four brave men who do not know each other will not dare to attack a
 Four less brave, but knowing each other well, sure of their reliability
consequently of mutual aid, will attack resolutely.  There is the
science of
organization of armies in a nutshell."
			  -- Ardant du Picq, 1868

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