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Re: Bugs in SG2

From: mllaneza@s... (Michael Carter Llaneza)
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 21:10:20 -0400
Subject: Re: Bugs in SG2

> I've been thinking back and forth about aliens, bug behaviour,
> turning bug behaviour into algorithms, Heinlein's Starship Troopers,
> and stuff like that.
> You know what would be a wild idea...

Right on the money !

> What if the "bug army" was led by scouts who left pheromone scents on
> ground?  The guy playing the bugs would drop a cardboard counter on
> table to represent those pheromone scents every time his scounts or
> leaders moved, and the "bug squads" following those scents would be
> required to follow the "orders" that those scents represented.

Nice thought.

> The scouts start off by leaving "move forward" pheremone counters
> move, and the "bug squads" would follow them in column formation.
> When the scounts find an enemy force, they leave an "attack!"
> pheremone counter on the table, and then turn left or right.
> When the "bug squad" comes across an "attack!" scent, it changes to a
> dispersed formation and runs forward.
> These pheremone counters would have to wear off quickly, say in 1 or 2
> turns, otherwise the table would get filled with counters.  But when a
> squad leader bug comes across one of the scouts' pheremone counter, it
> should be able to drop its own identical pheremone counter to
reinforce it
> for the following squads.
> Just another half-baked idea...

Okay, here's the rule... In DSII (I don't have SGII yet) the "bug"
infantry will follow the order counter closest to them. In the case of
confusion, the bugs will follow the order they were on last turn. Bug
scouts may carry 2 order counters, and leaders may carry four. A leader
or scout may lay one order counter at any point during their move.

There are a few areas left to develop:

*  Point costs
*  Rules that vary the number of order counters a leader may carry
based on its
   leadership rating
*  Gaining back order counters
*  Changing this to limit the number of different orders may be carried

Michael Carter Llaneza
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