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Re: Credit in a GZG Publication

From: Rukesh Korde <rkorde@d...>
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 13:42:18 -0400
Subject: Re: Credit in a GZG Publication

Under American copyright laws, if a person writes something, she has the

copyright; i.e., there's no implied waiver of copyright (at least not by

subscribing to an email list).	Tuffley is correct to be worried about
legal implications.  The easiest thing to do would probably be for him
offer to "buy" any ideas that he wants to use for $1, which would 
probably protect him.  Alternatively, he might note that unless GZG 
starts making a whole lot of cash, it's unlikely that any one is going
have a financial incentive sufficient to override their morals.


> > We're told that Jon Tuffley modifies any ideas we 
him, > because he's worried about the legal aspects of using our stuff.
> I'm not sure what he's worried about.  When we sign on to this
> listing don't we all agree that anything that we post is not
> "ours" anymore, and can be freely used by GZG?
> Besides, I agree with the others:  if I saw my name in the credits
> of a new rulebook or expansion, after jumping around a bit, I'd
> probably buy an extra copy just so that I could frame that page.
> It would probably be a high point of my life (sadly).
> Besides, if you couldn't parley that into a few bennies at your
> local gaming store or convention, you're not trying!	:>
> Here's hoping!
> Out here.
>	-monty
> *&$%# ignore this %$#@!-->  I'm not sure what Jon (Tuffley) is worried

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