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DS2: Rules for the Kra'Vak

From: Andrew Cowell <cowell@c...>
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 05:04:44 -0400
Subject: DS2: Rules for the Kra'Vak

I thought I would throw out some simple rules for the Kra'Vak in DS2.
I've play-tested them a little.  The affect seems like what I hear on
the list about the Kra'Vak in FT; they are more powerful, but not
necessarily overwhelming.  Note that something similar could apply to
SG2, also.  Let me know what you think.

Kra'Vak vehicle armor counts as 1 level higher against non-Kra'Vak tech,
  excepting HEL's and HKP's.  This does not affect the vehicle any other
  way (e.g., signature)
Kra'Vak may not use HEL's, DFFG's or Ablative armor.
Kra'Vak MDC's count as 1 class higher against non-Kra'Vak technology.
  This represents their Railguns.  Range for class 5 MDC in this case
  is 42"/54"/66".  That means, up to 42", all chits are valid.	Rough.

Psych: Kra'Vak are extremely agressive, for whatever reason.  To
represent this, I've basically reversed human psych.  Kra'Vak don't
panic and rout, they berserk and charge!  Despite this, being berserk!
has a disadvantage, since they attack the closest unit, friend or foe
(thus requiring leaders to try and _degrade_ their morale.  ;)

Note that NORMAL CTESTS on Kra'Vak actually increase their morale and
make them more aggressive.  Sometimes, you must make a REVERSE CTEST,
which lowers their morale as humans; this is how a leader would rally
berserk! troops.

	     Effect on:
Confidence   Dismounted
Level	     Infantry	      Armor
Calm	     Act normal       Act normal

Excited      Act normal       Act normal

Agressive    Successful R.    Act normal
	     Test, otw.
	     must advance

Rabid	     Must advance,    Must pass R.
	     must pass R.     Test or
	     Test or close    advance
	     assault enemy
	     in range

Berserk!     Must advance,    Must advance
	     no ranged fire.  toward and
	     Must CA nearest  attack nearest
	     unit (friend or  unit (friend or
	     foe).	      foe).

A CONFIDENCE TEST should be taken when any of the following apply:

A UNIT causes first casulty:		     +1
A UNIT causes subsequent casulty:	     +0
The UNIT LEADER element is destroyed:	     +3

REACTION TESTS are required as follows:

Dis. infantry at agressive, trying not
   to advance:				     +1
Dis. infantry at agressive or less
   UNDER FIRE, attempting to move:	     +1
   (They're aggressive, not stupid)
Vehicles at agressive or less
   UNDER FIRE, attempting to move:	     +1

Attackers take RTEST at:
+0 if calm or excited
-2 if aggressive
No RTEST needed if rabid
No RTEST allowed if berserk!

Defenders take CTEST at:
   Note: CTEST's usually make troops more aggressive, but not here
For calm or excited troops: +3 if powered armor, +2 if normal
For aggressive troops: +1 if PA, otw +0
   Note: For rabid and berserk troops, CTEST as normal (i.e., more
	aggressive); troops will always stand ground
For rabid troops: +2 if PA, otw +1
For berserk! troops: +1 if PA, otw +0

Calm, excited and aggressive defenders take REVERSE CTESTS as per the
usual rules during combat.  Rabid take normal CTESTS.

Andrew E. B. Cowell <>

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