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Re: Weak barreled micro armor miniatures

From: John Lerchey <lerchey+@C...>
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 09:39:26 -0400
Subject: Re: Weak barreled micro armor miniatures

Excerpts from internet.listserv.ftgzg-l: 23-Sep-96 Weak barreled micro
armor m.. Andrew (1223)

> Everybody's discussing CMD and IM tanks, but my favorite is GHQ's
> Modern Micro Armor.  There's one problem with these wonderfully
> detailed tanks, though; the scale barrel is so small, it bends very
> easily.  Most really small guns (on my models, at least) are close
> to the surface of the model and it's not much of an issue; it's the
> big main guns that bend easily.

> As a solution, I'm considering replacing the barrels with brass rod.
> Any comments?  Has anyone done anything similar?

For my WWII Micro Armor (mix of GHQ, H&R and CinC), I replace ALL of my
tank barrels with piano wire.  To do so, I carefully remove the barrel,
leaving the mantlet intact, then I make a tiny "starter" hole in the
mantlet.  I put an appropriate thick (or thin) piece of wire into a
pin-vice (tiny modelling hand drill) and then dril the wire directly
into the turret.  You don't need glue because the barrel is drilled
directly into place.  I then use a dremel mototool to cut the new barrel
at the appropriate length.  This method literally saved my CinC Chaffees
as their barrels were like pieces of hair.

Good luck!

John K. Lerchey
Computing Services
Carnegie Mellon University

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