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RE: Fighter movement

From: Samuel Penn <sam@b...>
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 1996 09:28:26 -0400
Subject: RE: Fighter movement

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> Date sent:  17-SEP-1996 08:41:30 
> >Has anyone else found the rules on fighter movement rather silly?
> >I know they're as they are to keep things simple, but limiting
> >fighters to a move of 12" (no continuous acceleration) means they're
> >often left behind if you want to make even a moderately quick strike
> >by your larger ships.
> >So, has anyone used any continuous acceleration rules for fighters?
> >If so, how did they play? The obvious change of giving fighters an
> >acceleration of 12", and keeping track of their current velocity,
> >removes the simplicity, and I'm interested in seeing any 'nicer'
> >ways of doing it.
> >-- 
> >Be seeing you,
> >Sam.
> Drift counters work well. (Each turn place a drift counter where
> the fighter group WAS. The line between the counter and the
> current location is the current vector. Works best when using
> 'Realistic Movement in Full Thrust') But in general, on most
> tables, fighters will be able to outmaneuver and outrun most ships.
> If you aren't able to do this in your games, slap some moving
> Asteroids on the table. That will slow those ships down.

We normally find fighters are very easily left behind, unless we
delibrately hold back the rest of the fleet. The tables aren't
that big either - only about 100cm/250cm

Be seeing you,

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