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RE: TV SF's glorious past ;-)

From: SimonC@d... (Simon Campbell-Smith)
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 06:16:04 -0400
Subject: RE: TV SF's glorious past ;-)

If I remember the AFV it had a single missile and some kind of auto   
cannon. The Years are having a toll on my grey matter. I think I will go
to lycos and see what I can find on Gerry Anderson and UFO.

A friend of mine this weekend discovered the joys of FT at the Reading	

convention. He has brought himself a fleet (NSL - well he can't be   
perfect) he noted the simarlarity between NAC and Space 1999 Eagles. Of 
course the scale is different and the similarity is in the shape of the 
forward section. I always felt they had more to do with Star Trek type	

ships, but the figure designer has taken his inspiration for the FT
from many sources and his own imagination. One can debate all day long	

which design matches which genre of sci fi.

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On 17 Sep 96 at 9:05, Simon Campbell-Smith wrote:

> Oh god I feel old. I remember the first time it was on. Is the whole
> series supoosed to be set in 1980? I just loved that submarine with

> interceptor on the front!!! Although I haven't played SGII yet I rekon
> scenario based on hunting our organ thieving friends through the woods 

> and gravel pits of England would be cool.

Yup. odd, really. It was made in 1975, and you wouldn't think 'five
years from now' was very Scifi. Equally odd that everything in it
(with the possible excpetion of the submersible & jet fighter) was
actually feasible in 1980. But why did those interceptors have one
missile? And why did they have wings, for that matter? Brilliant
(i.e. crap but good) TV though..

I had one of those interceptor toys with the spring loaded missile
when I was about 6. Now how old do you feel?

<cough> to keep it vaguely relevant, how about SGII rules for the
craft, and FT rules about missiles which detonate ahead of a vehicle
which then flies into the explosion?

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