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Re: The new FMA

From: M.J.Elliott@u...
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 1996 02:52:31 -0400
Subject: Re: The new FMA

Andrew Cowell wrote:

>Before SG2 touted the FMA gaming system, I was under the impression
>the wonderful Mr. Tuffley was working on an individual-scale game
>FMA.  Is that project still on-line?  Is it still called FMA?

OK, a bit of explanation I think. Yes, Jon has started work on an 
individual scale game. It was originally given the working title of 
"Jungleland". Then Mary Gentle coined the immortal phrase "Full Metal 
Anorak" (FMA). Jon liked this so much he decided to use it instead of 
"Jungleland". Then we got into SGII development, and Jon felt he needed
name for the underlying game mechanisms of DSII, SGII and probably
games. So he decided to use FMA as the name of the _system_. AFAIK at
point, the working title of the individual scale game has reverted to 

The game "Jungleland"(?) has actually been designed (well, nore or less)

and has been under limited playtesting for some time. The first problem
that it keeps getting shelved because other projects are more pressing.
other problem is that most of the rules are still in Jon's head! Even
don't have a written copy of the current version. 

Watch this space for further news...


Mike Elliott, GZG 

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