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Date: Sun, 8 Sep 1996 09:43:17 -0400
Subject: Re: FT Roleplaying (long)

	Apologizing again to those who aren't interested and apologizing
to those who are but need an ascii version of the files, here are the
versions of my Bridge and Boat Bay rules.


	P.S. Somebody let me know if you can read them.
	Ships have various facilities within them for the control of the

ship, most obviously and notably, the Bridge. There are typically other 
such facilities that were either designed for it or not that can be used

to control the ship, such as Main Engineering, Auxillary Control, the 
Emergency Bridge, CIC, etc.

	Each ship gets for free as part of the 50% of the ship that
be used for weapons and systems certain operating necessities, such as 
Command/Control spaces. To repeat: you don't have to pay either mass or
for the command/control spaces you start with. However, you may purchase

additional ones.

	A ship gets one command/control space if it is an Escort, 
two if it is a Cruiser and three if it is a Capital ship. Additional 
spaces up to double what is given may be purchased at one mass and two
So at best, a Capital ship could have six command/control spaces.

	Command/control spaces come in three sizes: Single, double and
The advantage of a double or triple command/control space is that it
counts as 
one system for rolling for threshold checks. A successful DCP roll
repairs one 
space or repairs the damage done by a single hit to a multi-space
The disadvantage is that any time a command/control space is hit, you
roll for ALL characters within to check for wounds. Command/control
may be targeted by Needles and other such weapons.

	Command/control spaces are affected by threshold checks like any
system. A double or triple control space requires multiple hits to take
it out 
of action. Unlike other systems that specifically do something in
the effects of command control spaces go largely unnoticed until they
lost. The effects of losing ALL of a ship's command/control spaces are

	1. The ship requires an extra thrust point for any turn. That is
say if a ship can allocate two points of thrust to turning, it only
makes a 
one point turn when it has no functioning command/control spaces to
decreased maneuverability.

	2. Helm officers (and/or Player Characters) may not roll for
 maneuverability except to counter-act the above penalty.

	3. Aegis fire control loses its special benefits.

	4. The ship functions as if it had one less fire control system
 it does. This is ignored if this would reduce the ship's effective
number of 
 fire control systems from one to zero.

	5. Enhanced or Superior sensors lose their special abilities.
ECM (and 
 ECCM) may not be used. Tractor beams may not be used.

	6. The ship may not lay or sweep mines.

	7. The number of DCPs the ship has is effectively cut in half,
 down, to represent an inability to direct DCPs to damaged systems

	8. All fire is made at a penalty of 1; Gunners/Weapon Officers
roll as ordinarily but if successful may only counteract the penalty;
may not roll at an advantage.

	If using rules for Player Characters or Skilled Officers, at all

times in combat, it must be specified which command/control space the
PCs or 
Skilled Officers are in. If that space is hit, a Threshold Check must be
for every PC or Skilled Officer in that space. If a Check is failed for
person, they are wounded. 

Wounded personnel roll on the Wound Chart:
(Roll 2d6:)

   2			   Killed instantly
   3			   Killed after flashback and/or speech
   4-5			   Seriously wounded; Skilled doctor must reach 
				person and make a Difficult Skill roll 
				to save character's life; character (if
				saved) is out of the next 1d3 battles
   6-8			   Moderately wounded; character is out of this
				but will definitely recover
   9-10 		   Hurt, dazed; character is incapacitated for
				next 1d6 turns
   11			   Character pushed out of harm's way at last
				opponent chooses another character
(except the 
				Captain) in the same control space and
rolls a 
				threshold check against them
				Ignore this result (and re-roll) if it	
				occurs twice on the same ship in the
				turn. If character is the only
				Officer in control space,assume an
				man bravely dies saving the character
   12			   Character suffers a close call but no real

	If a Doctor PC/Skilled Officer is on hand and makes an immediate

successful skill roll, the wounded character adds +1 to the die roll. If
modified result of 9-10 results, the character is incapacitated for
turns. If a modified result of 11-13 results, the doctor's efforts
the character to return to duty after a delay of one full turn.

	James Butler (

	Every ship gets a free Boat Bay equal in size to the mass of the

ship/10, round up. (This is in exception to the More Thrust rules that
bays only in a minimum mass of six. Even a destroyer or frigate could
one ship's boat of some kind, which would be impossible if a mass six
were required.) This free bay is filled with single mass cutters. By
free it 
is meant that neither the mass nor the cost of the bay are counted. If
designer wishes to expand this bay, it must be expanded to at least a
of six and all the ordinary costs and rules in More Thrust apply.

	Cutters are small landing craft used primarily to convey small 
quantities of supplies and personnel to and from ships, stations and
They are unarmed entirely, with neither weapons for space combat nor 
planetary combat. Cutters travel at a speed of eight inches per turn.
may convey troops in combat. Cutters have a capacity of 8 CS and may
transport two Marine Fire Teams. Cutters are not designed for combat; as

such, all *DAF fire against them is rolled with a bonus of +1.

	Cutters may be exchanged for Assault Craft. Assault Craft are 
full-fledged dropships designed for combat duty. Assault Craft may
themselves against dogfighting fighters as if they were Attack Fighters
More Thrust. Assault Craft are also equipped with weapons for providing 
support to ground troops. Like Cutters, Assault Craft have a two-man
As full-fledged single mass dropships, Assault Craft have a capacity of
CS. Assault Craft have a speed of twelve inches per turn. 

	Cutters and Assault Craft may transport Marines to enemy ships
combat. To do so, they must end their movement within three inches of
target vessel. When attempting to deliver troops (by landing on the
surface of the ship, forced/crash landing into an enemy boat bay or
making a fly-by while powered armor troops jump for it), they must first

survive enemy *DAF fire. Cutters and Assault Craft attempting to deliver

troops suffer double casualites from such *DAF fire (for cutters, this
in addition to the ordinary bonus of +1 to all incoming *DAF fire).

	The cost of replacing a Cutter with an Assault Craft is 1 pt.

	James Butler (

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      Drive   Quarters	Jump Drive  Ship's Boats Spinal Mount

	Battlecruiser INTREPID, CORMORANT-class
	Captain James L. Butler III, Commanding

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