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[DSII] Online Conversion?

From: Alex Williams <thantos@d...>
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 1996 03:16:46 -0400
Subject: [DSII] Online Conversion?

(Of primary concern to Mr Elliot, though likely of interest to the
List Members as well:)

Hello, Mr Elliot:

I will be working on the user interface design of a new MUCK soon, and
we would like to use your DIRTSIDE II and possibly FULL THRUST for the
near-orbital vehicles, rules as the underpinning of the basic
environmental combat system.  The actual setting will revolve around a
Balkanized frontier colony and the struggles between various factions.

The interface will be entirely text-based, reminiscent of the BTECH
MUSEs', but turn-based, just as DSII's, with alternate unit movement,
etc.  We would prefer your and Mr Tuffley's blessing, however, before
proceeding with development.  (Those nasty lawsuits do tend to put a
crimp in one's enjoyment of a game.  [grin])

Thank you for your indulgence and in providing a truly wonderful game
engine, whatever your response.

					Alex Williams

[As an aside to the list members:

Think you folks would play DSII online, assuming Mr Elliot is
amendable?  Current MUCK design gives us a split game, with the
players actually being the `chosen representative' of their faction to
an orbital `diplomatic free-zone,' where they can engage in role-play,
some of which can and will change the resources of the colonists on
the planet below.  I/we haven't decided if players will command
individual units or have a faction's units movable by anyone on that
side when combat actually begins.]

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