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RE: Fantasy combat with DS2?

From: J.Stephensen@f... (Jason Stephensen)
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 1996 22:03:24 -0400
Subject: RE: Fantasy combat with DS2?

>It is interesting to read that people from across the pond have a
>feelings about 'that fantasy company'. I have recently been told of a	

>rather nasty business practice thay have. It goes something like:
>Get a local games shop to stock your product. When the sales of your	
>product in that area via this shop reach a certain threshold set up
>own store just down the road and then stop supplying the local game
>with your products.
>Not a very friendly thing to do really. I gather this has been
>in the courts in th US and declared illegal. I am no solicitor/lawyer
>I think that is a fair judgement.

Sadly I believe that this company would do this. I know that here in
Australia they once told the main importer of their minatures that if
took on the heartbreaker minnies they would cut off their supply. From
amount of times that I have heard of them being taken to court over
improprieties with restriction of trade and the like. I heard of a case
where they opened a store near the old distributer and when the old
distributer realised their market was gone they flogged their minnies
real cheap, and really pissed them off.

They produce some good products, average games, but seem so obsessed
making money they've lost track of what gaming is all about.


>It would be great if a right minded business man was to set up a rival.
>There many things 'that fanatasy company'  do well. They supply
>paint encourage games in their shops which are always clean tidy and
>well laid out.
>I only wish I had the backing as I would give it a go. There is money
>be made and at the moment it is almost all  going to one place.
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>>Mr. Elliot,
>Call me Mike, please!
>>I was just curious - do you or Jon Tuffley have any plans to do a   
>>combat game using the Full Anorak system.  I know you don't want to be
>>much like "That other British Company" but they sure could use some
>>competition on all fronts.
>No, GZG is a purely SF related company, Jon leaves fantasy to other   
>(its just not his thing).
>>I have been converting DS2 to a fantasy warfare type game for my own
>>enjoyment - I've even enlisted some play-testers and we've been having
>>with it.  I'm busy now getting the rules all written out in a readable
>>form (i.e. -	not my chicken-scratch handwriting).
>Great. How about posting it to the list soemtime or putting it on a Web
>page somewhere?
>>Thanks for listening and for your presence on the Full Thrust list,
>>Nick Caldwell, a very satisfied Ground Zero Grognard from across the	

>Thanks for your kind words,
>Mike Elliott, GZG
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