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Way too much time on your hands

From: "Joseph L. Haygood" <jhaygood@a...>
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 1996 11:45:24 -0400
Subject: Way too much time on your hands

Karl wrote:
>I weighed every model I had that didn't have an obvious cockpit.  I
>chose	the Enterprise C as the basis.	I divided every mass by its mass

>(6.5g) to get a normalized mass.  I decided it would be a heavy cruiser
>mass 32) and multiplied all my normalized masses by 32 to get every 
>ship's FT mass.  I tried several different bases and the Ent C seemed
>give the most even distribution of Cruisers vs Capitals (although very 
>few escorts).	Here is a list with ship, real mass in grams, FT mass, 
>ship class (somewhat arbitrary).

I am afraid pal you have got waaaay too much time on your hands.   <g>

(I really enjoyed reading about your process. I too have a problem with
micromachine stuff all the same size.)

I am going to start to try and cast some ships on my own. I have gotten
off different newsgroups, sent off for catalogs, and ordered some stuff.
hope to get casting within the month. I plan on casting a medium sized
in the configuration I want, then using different techniques I learned
the book, to shrink and enlarge them. That way I have multiple sizes of
same looking ship (depends on my playing space you know). Then make a
of that size ship and make mods to it for different ships. I will let
everyone know how it turns out.

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