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An idea for Svasku

From: SimonC@d... (Simon Campbell-Smith)
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 1996 08:10:56 -0400
Subject: An idea for Svasku

One thought that drift across my mind was that Svasku ships are bio   
therefore they have to eat. What better than an opposing ships! The   
svasku ship moves to within 3 inches of it victim. The other vesel can
a maximun of 1/3 the mass of the Svasku  ship. It then 'tractor beams'	

its opponent this takes up the wqhole of the fire phase. This contest is
decided by rolling a d6 + the thrust of the target vessel against a d6 +
the target vessels mass /0. This is repeated each turn	during the   
fighter/missile movement until the trapped vessel escapes moving at   
maximum acceleration away from the svasku or it is eaten up. The svasku 
vessel does  svasku ships mass/20 D6.(Round Down minimum of 1)

An example:

A kravak frigate mass 10 is captured by a Svasku ship Mass 41

Turn 1 no damage is done to the Kravak due to it being the turn that he 
was tractored

Turn 2 The kravak fails to break free. The Svaku roles 2d6 doing only 4 
points of damage!

Turn 3 The Kravak fails again and is promptly digested

Well taking my inability to type well try this out and Bon appitie (No I
know I can't speel in French either)   

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