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Re: Aliens in DSII/SGII

From: rkp@m... (Robin Paul)
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 1996 07:38:26 -0400
Subject: Re: Aliens in DSII/SGII

>Oops! Thanks Andrew for putting me right - and I looked up the page
too! I 
>misread Kryomek for Kra'vak. As you say, the Kryomek conversions could
>about be used for Kra'vak. Depends on your understanding of who/what
>Kra'vak are...
>I think Jon's view is that they are not the acid-for-blood types but
>more closely humanoid. The MT rules for Kra'vak may give some clues
>their use of railguns and armour).
>Mike Elliott, GZG

	So, in DSII, no energy weapons, and fast (Grav?) turretless
Vehicles with maximum armour, perhaps reactive but _not_ ablative, armed
with SLAM packs and gauss-guns.  The relative vulnerability of their
forces to HEL fire might make an interesting contrast to their
advantages in
space.	Mandible-clashing brutality makes me think they'd have assault
infantry who'd be quick across ground, armed with short range but high
effect weapons and with Line armour (using the Gibson mods to the
of infantry).  If they don't go for guided weapons, their AFVs might
lack point defence.  Sounds fun!


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