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Re: OFFICIAL - GZG: Vacuum and zero/low gravity combat…?

From: Damond Walker <damosan@g...>
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2016 18:03:23 -0500
Subject: Re: OFFICIAL - GZG: Vacuum and zero/low gravity combat…?

Fighting on the Moon or Mars...

I'm going to assume low-g vs. zero-g.  Jerry and I talked about doing a
zero-g FMA/FT hybrid for ECC a number of years ago.  Basically a game
you'd move your troops using vector movement.  May still do it someday.

Seems like a great locale for autonomous hunter killer vehicles of
different sorts.  In the early days it'd be rumbling remote control
with enough structure for power, cameras, slow mobility, and a modified
weapon system of low caliber (but using AP for kicks), with a supply of
to allow the ammo to work correctly.  Range will be dictated by
power and religious maintenance.  Later on they'd take on a more
look but still be an up-armored buggy but operating fully autonomously.
Why won't you see regular tanks?  Cuz it'd cost a metric butt-ton to get
them to Mars....  However perhaps some mystery unobtanium is below the
surface of Mars...and local manufacturing becomes possible because they
find and aquifer and start cracking H2O at a regular rate...

As far as infantry goes I'd go along the lines of what we saw in the
Martian as a starting point.  Light outfit with ceramics.  Firing low
caliber / high velocity perpetrators (FN5.7 type stuff).  Later comes
more advanced armor and weaponry.

Using SG2 or FMAS rules I'd do random movement distances for troops who
were poorly trained in low-g combat.  Standard movement for folks
in it.


On Mon, Feb 1, 2016 at 5:43 PM, Matthew Seidl <> wrote:

> I'd expect more rocket rounds instead of bullets.  The gun deploys a
> fin stabilized projectile with its one propellant, which then rockets
> range.  Have to be a bit careful that the propellant doesn't jet back
> the shooter, but thats solvable.
> And, depending on tech level, laser weapons might be very nice.  No
> back, and you only have to heat up the opponents suit enough that it
> punctures.  Of course, the suits will have a fair amount of
> thermal/radiation shield themselves, but a directed energy weapon
> overwhelm them.
> Maybe something like the old Rift glitterboy suit where before firing
> suit deploys anchors.  Either spikes drilled into the regolith, or a
> to divert the force directly into the ground.
> Definitely need rules for jumps a-la battletech jump jets.  :)
> On Mon, Feb 1, 2016 at 3:36 PM, Jason Weiser <>
> wrote:
>> Blades will also be popular as weapons, as projectiles of any kind in
>> habitats will be seen skeptically.
>> Trained troops for zero g will have a massive advantage over those
>> trained for it. Everything is harder in zero g, moving like the
>> astronauts did isn't that tactical in many ways, and new troops can
>> into craters,  stick the landing wrong, of if things go real bad,
they can
>> achieve escape velocity.
>> EMP generating weapons will also be popular, take out a suit ' s
>> electronic capabilities,  and that trooper is out of the fight.
>> Nukes in this environment are very there won't be an ounce
>> protection against hard rads outside of a hab...God help you if there
is a
>> solar flare during a firefight.
>> Firing a weapon in zero g is interesting too, as recoil may send you
>> flying in the other direction. Using objects or center mass to brace
as you
>> shoot is important.
>> On Feb 1, 2016 5:04 PM, "Evyn MacDude" <>
>>> For Zero-G a control save each turn modified by how fast a figure
>>> firing weapons, number free hands Etc. etc...
>>> In general, low velocity weapons that depend on the payload to do
>>> instead of velocity. Manageable with one hand, hooked to a in helmet
>>> Increased ranges for Hand grenades and other low velocity weapons,
>>> a corresponding increase area of effects for fragmentation effects,
>>> decrease in chemical weapons area.
>>> Those are my 1st thoughts....
>>> --
>>> Evyn

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