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Re: GZG Official: Another request for photos...

From: Randy Wolfmeyer <rwwolfme@g...>
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2014 17:28:03 -0500
Subject: Re: GZG Official: Another request for photos...

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Hi Jon, I was just working on my set of Colonial Defense infantry -
probably need another night to put on the finishing touches. I'm not
if my painting skills are up to the necessary "professional" level, but
can send you some pictures when I'm finished.

I'm guessing that they should be shot in some sort of terrain - I'll
to see what I can do - most of my good terrain is elsewhere right now. I
might just have to take them outside and play with them in the dirt :)

Randy Wolfmeyer

On Tue, Jul 29, 2014 at 9:47 AM, Ground Zero Games <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> A couple of times in the past I've asked if anyone on here has some
> photos of our (GZG) stuff painted to good enough standards for
> illustrating magazine articles - now I need to ask again, but with
> rather specific requirements this time.
> To cut a long story short, Wargames Illustrated is being just
> SLIGHTLY flexible in its "historical only" policy, and in a few
> issues' time they will be printing an article or two on "near future"
> combat  - you know the sort of thing, ultramoderns crossed with
> "plausible" sci-fi to represent warfare in the next few decades.
> Roger Gerrish has written the article, and Wayne from the magazine
> has contacted me to see if I could supply some additional photos to
> help illustrate it.
> The requirements are quite specific - technically, he's asked for
> "high res, 300dpi or higher, 1MB+ photographs of anything suitably
> Modern / Near Future battlefield / actions shots". So, we're looking
> at wheeled, tracked and possibly VTOL equipment (no GEV or Grav,
> that's going to be too high tech), and some of our troops in "less
> sci-fi" gear - eg: ones more like the NAC, Colonial Defence,
> Pan-Africans etc, rather than high-tech armoured troops like NSL, NI,
> UNSC etc. Oh, and no aliens!	;-)
> Some of the Tomorrow's War figures (DPRG, RANG and US Army) would
> also be very good.
> If anyone has yet painted up one of our recent MRAPs or some of the
> Colonial Ranger/Rover trucks, that sort of thing would be perfect.
> The painting and photography needs to be absolutely top-notch - I'm
> sure most of you are familiar with the photographic content of WI
> these days, the standard is VERY high and anything that doesn't look
> sufficiently "professional" most likely won't get used, I'm afraid.
> As always with these sort of requests, the timescale is short - a
> week at most - so if anyone out there can help with stuff that's
> already done then it would be enormously appreciated - as always,
> I'll do my best to ensure that painters are credited where due.
> Thanks in advance to anyone who can help out!  :-)
> Best,
> Jon (GZG)

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